About Pejoy

From Ezaki Glico, the makers of the popular Japanese snack food Pocky, comes another delicious confection. Pejoy are crispy cookie biscuit shells filled with rich, smooth malt chocolate or matcha green tea cream; the perfect indulgence for any time of day or night.

Perfect to relax with after a long, hard day, Pejoy's luxurious textures and flavors help melt away the stress of the day with every sinfully delicious bite. Also convenient at the office as a satisfying treat, with their luscious cream fillings safely wrapped inside light, crunchy shells, for a no-mess snack while you work.

Enjoy Pejoy with coffee, tea, or your favorite wine. Pejoy are delicious both on their own and as a delicate garnish for decadent desserts. Add a few to that ice cream you're having for dinner. It's your time - indulge!

Satisfying, indulgent, and decadent... Fill yourself with the pleasure of Pejoy.

Where to Find Pejoy

Pejoy can be found at Asian markets nationwide.